Thursday, May 24, 2007

Treasures of the Deep

Is this real?
Never have I seen such waters of blue,
Yet somehow green at the same time.
Stripes of deep hues,
give me a hint and a clue.

Travailing waves of rushing passion,
Yet in between each one,
A whisper from the deep,
Gives me a message for my heart to keep.

A treasure not found
Out far and beyond
But before me still and simple.
Eyes as blue as those rising crests
Smiles as bright as those milky waves.

Little legs frolicking with simple joy
Also long limbs skimming across the shore
On flat wooden boards
Amazed by how they have grown
These are moments only eternity can afford

Giggles and squeals
stir joy and delight
As we make sand cakes and shell cookies
And chase playful gulls until they take flight.

Treasures of children and family
These are riches of eternal tides
Life may seem to toss us to and fro
At times as the waves of violent seas

But the serenity of the Father's Love
Is demonstrated within family.
The treasures of the deep are deeper than they seem
Looking beside or in front
They are closer than we realize
Portals of His glory
Blast through their playful laughter
and His grace rains through their tears.

May I never take for granted
All the gifts our King has granted.
My heart heaves with grateful breaths
for the wealth encased, yet released
from the Heart of such an elaborate Giver.

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