Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What's on My Heart?

Do you realize that I have never blogged in my life!!

This is an historic moment. My first blog!

It is my first blog, and I don’t know what to write. So, to help myself, I will ask myself a question.

What is on your heart?

What is on my heart?

Here’s a question:

What would you do if your life could be simple again?

Have you ever thought about that question? Do you remember when life was simple?

Sometimes I look at my kids, especially the real young ones and I think to myself, man if I could just be that age again. But, of course, know everything I know now. Can you imagine how simple life would be?

Sometimes, I look at my teenage boys and think, man, if I could have it to do all over again and be one of them. But, of course, know everything I know now.

Do you see the pattern unfolding here? It’s one of… to be that, but, to know this. Obviously, this is a God-designed impossibility.

Do you ever wonder why teenagers think they know everything and you (assuming you’re an adult reading this, possibly a parent yourself), know nothing. Sometimes, we might be inclined to think that this is the work of Satan himself. - A ploy of the enemy to frustrate parents and drive a wedge between them and their children. - A lifelong plot to separate us from our legacy and render us unable to impact them for the future.

The truth, I believe, is that this is actually the work of God!

Think about it. If children listened to everything we said, followed it word-for-word, step-by-step, knowing what we know, but with them having the opportunity to start fresh and new and do everything right, their lives would be simple. This would be great. In fact, I’m convinced that if my kids would listen to me, they could avoid every mistake I’ve ever made and their lives would be perfect. In fact, I’m convinced that I could help my kids be millionaires by the time their 40, just by listening to me and doing everything I say, avoiding all the mistakes I’ve made in my life. They would have a wonderful, carefree life, I think to myself.

But, where would that leave them. Would it make them happy? Would they truly be able to think for themselves? Would their lives truly be simple? Or would they be constantly looking for the answers to life’s questions from me?

Can you believe what we’ve witnessed in the news over the past few days? Paris Hilton, poster child for the simple life. Already a millionheiress before she was ever born, able to go through life not worrying about a thing. Now, going to jail for her petty wrongdoings. Is she able to think for herself? Or is everything we’ve watched her do over the past few years really just episodes she construed to get attention. To really have the simple life – a life that truly would allow her to think for herself, to make a contribution to society that few but her can make – will she ever be able to accomplish this? The truth is she’s probably never been allowed to think for herself.

You see, it is God’s design that our children think for themselves. For it is our duty to lead them to green pastures, but it is up to them to ask the questions, think for themselves and enjoy the view.

The next time you struggle with something in life, realize this. God wants us to have the simple life. The life of leaning on him for everything – and thinking for ourselves.

by John

A little side note:
You will notice from time to time when something appears on the site from me how vastly different it may be from what you hear from Ange. Ange and I are at totally different ends of the spectrum when it comes to certain things. I often joke with people that if would have existed 25 years ago and Ange and I both signed up at the same time, our names probably wouldn’t have matched up. As you can imagine, being as different as we are comes with it’s challenges. But, I believe God put us together by design. As two different people work out their differences, true harmony can be demonstrated in them as they illuminate so many different areas of life together and influence different kinds of people together. This is the beauty of God bringing you together with someone different than you and allowing the two of you to shine on the hearts of others in His name. So, if you are struggling in this area with you spouse, persevere! It has probably been designed by God.


Hope Buhler said...

What great wisdom and comfort this brings to me as I step into life with my first teenager. Its amazing how 2 year olds and teenagers can be so much alike in certain ways. I appreciate so much you sharing why God has allowed "the separation" between the parents and the teens as a way to allow them to have to stretch their own wings and truly learn life lessons by just "living life" not just being "told life" or being given ease. Pain truly produces reality for all of us.

Bec:) said...

Dear John the Lionhearted,
I laughed when I saw the disclaimer at the end about perspective differences.Jay and I are polar bear opposites on about half the spiritual stuff but it has really challenged me because I have to consider another point of view before decideing how to proceed alot of times. Great guy thoughts!

Cathi Lesher said...

This is way too simple! Ha! I was really inspired as I contemplated my own teens. Very true, and yet such an illustration of how God does us also. If we would just do what His word says, we would have a great life, with less strife, but nooooooo, we don't. But we sure want our kids to do exactly what we say. This is awesome parental wisdom!!!!!!! You go John!

PS about the opposite thing, same here!!!! HEE HEE!
Love you both!