Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Momma

I would like to honor my mother on Mother's day by writing about her. I always believed my Mother was and still is so smart, she could have graduated college with a MBA and been the CEO of a large successful corporation. She has always been organized, yet gracious. She has always used her time wisely, yet has taken time to just sit and listen to others.

My mother was a stay home mom most of her younger years. She did work as a librarian's assistant when my brother and I were in school. So she was home when we were home. She was always there and she always showed she cared about our lives. I will never forget all of the wonderful home cooked meals she made every single night. The meals were not frozen Stouffer's meals, but rich and filling foods that gave me comfort. Every course was like a letter that said, "I love you."

My mother cares when others hurt and is quick to defend the wounded heart. I recall a difficult time in my life when Momma was not only my Mother, but she was my best friend. We had just moved to a new town and I had entered the jungle of the so "loving" sixth grade class. It was difficult making friends because all of the sixth grade girls were in their own groups of companions and stood their ground when it came to any possibility of letting anyone new in. It was a season in my life that I learned a tremendous lesson about life.

At the beginning of the sixth grade year, I would come home from school in tears because the kids were so cruel and unaccepting. I had never felt so rejected in my life. I cannot express the magnitude of comfort I felt each day to come home where I knew my Momma would be.
She would hug me and talk to me. In addition, she would give me sound wisdom in how to deal with the adversity. Little did she know, that her words left a deep mark in my heart that I carry to this day. Simple but powerful, this is what she said.

"Do not worry so much about the ones you are trying to be friends with. I am sure there are others that feel left out just like you and need a friend. Look for those people and make friends with them."And you know that is exactly what I did. I continued to be kind to the ones who were mean, but I no longer focused on them so much. I started looking around, outside of myself, and saw that my mother was right. There were others who felt the same and were seemingly "rejects like me."

By the time I entered high school, I had many friends. No , I never hung out with the popular group. I was never voted cheerleader or Homecoming Queen, but I had plenty of genuine friends.
by the end of my Senior year, the senior class took a vote of the classmates they wanted to elect as senior superlatives. I was voted by my class the friendliest and most courteous.

It was all because of the seeds of wisdom my mother planted in my heart in the painful place of sixth grade. This day, I hold fast to those words. The most serious emotional and spiritual problem individuals struggle with is rejection. We live in a world where divorce is rampant, father's are absent, and discipline is not a priority. This tragedy is that our country's kids are growing into adults with serious rejection issues and they need so much healing.

I am so thankful for my mother. Because of her, my heart is still looking for the hurting and rejected. This is God's heart. I believe as time moves along, we will see God raising up "rejects" to be some of the most powerful leaders that ever existed. I want to be friends with rejects!

Thank you Momma for imparting truth into my heart that will carry me throughout my entire life. The seeds you have sown will sprout through all the generations in your grandchildren and their children. Thank you for being a mother who demonstrates what true beauty is.

I love you!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY


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Cathi Lesher said...

Excellent word, and in due season. I think you may be onto something here!! HAHA! Love you both!