Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is Change a Choice?

Have you ever had a sudden change of events in your life which you had no control over? Maybe you were laid off from your job and had to sell your home and move to a new community. Or you found out you were expecting a new baby in a time when your finances were low. It was not a "convenient" time for a new baby to enter into your family. Some changes are difficult and others are delightful. However, change is inevitable.

About a year and a half ago, our family faced some major changes which left us feeling disoriented for a season. We had to file bankruptcy, we foreclosed on our house, had no savings, found out we were expecting baby number 9, and moved across the city to a rental home. This sudden change of events was like a whirlwind that came in and disrupted our already busy lives.

Most of us will experience winds of change throughout our lives. The personal one I shared was not an easy one. It was painfully embarrassing and confusing. When one is going through financial trials, it is a sure set up for wrong judgements from some outsiders looking in. However, I look back and see all of the blessings which came through it. God truly does work all things together for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Many times we go through hardship and we blame the devil or we blame ourselves. In some situations both could be true. However, I am learning to also ask the question, "Is it You God?"

When we humble ourselves before the Lord and ask Him to change us and work In and through us, many times we do not truly know what we are inviting. There are times when change comes in like a violent wind and messes things up in our lives. Change is not a choice in that aspect. It will visit even without our invitation.

There is another question however. Is there a choice we have to make internally, when the changes come? The answer is yes. We can choose to move with the wind ,and trust the God who controls the gusts of change. A picture of this would be a tall oak tree swaying and bending in the midst of the storm. If the roots are strong and deep the tree stays. In fact if you study the internal functioning of tree growth, you will learn that there is actual movement going on inside the trunk of a tree when it is moving in the wind. Wind actually helps trees to grow.

On the other hand, when external change comes and everything inwardly is disturbed, we can choose to stiffen ourselves against the wind. If a tree does not bend, the trunk can very well snap in half. Have you ever felt yourself resisting the trials in your life and you just kind of stiffen up inside? You feel resentful, angry, hurt, and confused. These are all normal emotions, however the key is that we do not stay that way and allow ourselves to bend with the wind that we may grow into that tall and strong oak of righteousness .

I am feeling that in this season, winds of change are blowing. Some of us are feeling a bit "chilly" from the gusts. Some of us are even a bit disoriented and wondering which which way is up. However, we have a choice. We can resist the direction of the wind and walk against it as we wrap our sweaters of self protection and go on about our way. Or we can choose to fly as the wind of God's spirit comes behind us, lifting us and moving us to where God is moving.

My heart of flesh sometimes wants to run against the wind, but with God's grace, I am turning with the wind and allowing Him to cover me with His garments of grace that I may fly with Him.

Lord, I thank you that you understand my struggles. You are patient with me. You know how hard it is at times for me to adjust to Your movements and stirrings. It is uncomfortable sometimes. Give me grace to bend into You and help me to make the right choice inwardly to lean into the adjustments You are making in my life. You are transforming me from glory to glory, but I realize I have to allow you to change me. when I feel tempted to stiffen against Your wind, remind me Lord that I can let go and let You change me. You are the God who never changes, but you are constantly working in me that I will mirror the beauty of Your Son. Let your winds blow on and in me. I want to sway in your love with graceful abandon!! Amen.

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I relate to this so much right now!!! Thanks for sharing.

Love you!