Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why I Love Him

John and I have been married for 22 years and will be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary this summer. God has really been doing a deep work in our marriage these last couple of months. Even though it has been difficult and we have gotten into some knock down drag outs, I love him more that ever. I feel like we tend to get so focused on ourselves that we steal from ourselves the valuable thoughts and admiration that we have in our spouses. I am learning that the more I watch my husband and his life, the more I realize that I want t be more like him in so many ways. I just blogged yesterday and so did John. I encourage you to read what he wrote as I admire his thoughts and wisdom. He has such a practical side that keeps me in balance.

Our anniversary is not until August, but I do not want to wait. I want to write 23 things about my husband that I admire. All of us wives should practice focusing on all of the God given strengths our husbands have and cut out the complaining. I am here to declare to the world that I am blessed. I may sound prideful and my reply to that I YES!!! I am. I am proud to be married to John Cogburn and here is why..............................

1. He is patient
2.He is kind.
3.He is funny
4.He is full of joy.
5.He hardly ever complains.
6.He is gentle.
7.He carries peace in his heart and it shows in his countenance.
8. He is successful because he honors the Lord with his life.
9. He is very affectionate with his children and me.
10. He is faithful.
11. He sees the best in others.
12. He is wise.
13.He never, ever, loses his temper.
14. He is understanding and works at being understanding even when he does not understand.
15. He is strong.
16. He completes what he starts.
17. He is a man of his word.
18. He is humble.
19. He is an encourager.
20. He constantly serves me, his children and others.
21. He is handsome.
22.He perseveres in adversity.
23. He is my earthly hero.

I am so blessed. Thank you Lord for all of the things in my husband that reflect your heart and glory. thank you John for being who you are. I love you. Ange

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Cathi Lesher said...

IF it were only that simple! HA! Love you!