Friday, May 4, 2007

It is Okay

I just want to share something personal that has been on my heart this week. There was a realization in my heart that over the last several days I have been condemning myself for the very things God has put in my heart. I have made a decision that I will not apologize for things I am not supposed to apologize for. What am I saying and what do I mean?

Well lately I have been asking the Lord to show me the truth and to show me the lie. The truth is I care about people! I love people because I love God. When people are struggling and going through tough stuff, I feel things very deeply for them. Many times I weep and feel sad and grieve for them. God says, "It is okay"

When many voices come, the truth can easily get distorted in my mind when I am listening too closely. The voices include things like "Be careful, do not get too involved." , "This is not your burden to carry.", " You have enough to do at home to be so concerned about others.", "All that stuff can jump off onto you and then you become oppressed."

I appreciate the good intentions of others, but I have been listening to lies and the truth is, " It is okay."

It is okay to care
To love too much
As the world might say
As the well meaning may imply
Loving too much is harmful
The risk of feeling too deeply
The chances of getting dirty
In the nit and grit of anothers pain
Feeling accused of being too emotional
Never again will I believe the lie
Jesus wept.
I will weep without apology.
His tears of grief
For those He loves
To bear a burden is a gift
To bear a burden is worship
To carry His heart and anothers heart is a joy
To other's I may seem depressed at times,
Or even out of balance
Maybe there is a fear
Judgement is fear displayed
In the heart
Of one who struggles to be free
Yes I am emotional
And I get weary.
It is okay.
I go back to my Source
The joy of My Lord
Quickly, He replenishes me
With the moisture of Grace
I am made to love
And created to feel,
Destined to carry
His Heart in Mine.
It is good and
It is okay.


Thank you for Your truth. Your truth aways goes back to one name and one word. Jesus and Love. Thank you for allowing me to feel. Thank you for the privilege of letting me participate in your emotions. May my tears glorify You always especially when they are misunderstood.
Lord, You are my hero. Amen.

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Cathi Lesher said...

IT IS OK!! I LOVE YOU! (I am also glad to know I am not the only person in GA up this early!)