Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the Back Yard

Right in the back yard,just beyond the edge
Someone is crying out to be rescued.
One need not go very far
To hear the shattering of hearts.
Someone is dying for a word of hope.
And for a hand in action.
So so busy with our own little worlds
Thinking we have enough problems of our own.
Someone is heaving with pain...they will never feel the same
Nothing will seem normal again.
Marred with the thoughts...
Life is too hard and just isn't worth living
Why do I get so caught up in me?
I abhor my self pity.
There is a woman down the street
Whose husband is gone.
There is a family who has only a few dollars
To buy food.It wont last the week.
Depression has gobbled up
Precious ones so loved
By the Heavenly Father.
What can I give them Lord?
When I saw her tears today
I could have sworn I saw You
In her face of despair
I just knew You were there.
Just want to be where You are
In the home or down the street
Don't have to go too far.
Just right in the back yard
There is a world left wanting.
I will give what I have
Even if I have to do without.
We think we need so much
all we need is You and
a new heart to be Your traveling companion.
Do not have to go far at all
to see where the crying people are
so close in the back yard.

Yes the needy and the hurting are right in our back yard. There is a food pantry about 3 miles from my house so I have been going there and learning their mentoring process. Today I met two precious ladies who were in need. One of the women has bipolar disorder and has been in the hospital with severe depression. The other lady is a mom of 3. She was laid off from her job a few months ago and they cannot make it solely on her husband's income. She cried when we took her into the pantry room to let her pick out her groceries and felt so bad about taking them. It was so wonderful to encourage her to take all she needed and it was all free!Oh the joy of giving. I want to give like that. I desire to get things so I can give them away. I want to go through my house and find things to give. Oh the joy of giving hope. And the added blessing was that these people were so grateful. The young mother hugged my neck and called us angels. I did not even buy the food but was just there to listen and to help her. What a blessing today was. What a joy it is to be a small part of giving others the hope of Jesus Christ.

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