Thursday, May 22, 2008

God Wants You to Notice

He is the God of the big and the God of the little. All are the same to Him. It is amazing how easily we can become desensitized to the workings of God in our lives. It seems like we get caught up at times in chasing signs and wonders and we do not even notice what is going on in our own homes and in our own lives. On the other hand we become so comfortable at times when circumstances are agreeable. Yea, there is money in the bank and I have paid all my bills this month. Life is good right now, so kick back relax and enjoy. How I fear this position of comfort. Then there is the fear when bills are not getting paid or some bad news comes. We are faced with the temptation to turn our eyes away from the One who sits on the throne to the activity swirling around us.

Personally, I am learning to be more grateful for the tough times. I know that when things are really not going my way, I am challenged to fix my eyes upon what is actually real and that which actually matters. Hard times are a gift because it means God is waiting for you to start looking for Him and calling out for Him. "HELP JESUS!" And then He comes running and you really start to notice things you never noticed before.

Our family is seeing the handiwork of God here at home. I have been calling out for Him to just come and be with us, to stay and never leave us. I have prayed, "God you can come in and take all of our troubles away. However, that is not enough any longer. I just want You. All that I need You are. You are my sufficiency!" And He has been showing up in neat and sweet little ways. Yes, His fire comes before Him, but His mercy flows from within Him. He gives us His best. We should desire all of Him.

A few weeks ago, someone gave me 50 dollars to buy something for myself. I was told to spend it on something I would like. So I tucked that pretty little bill in my purse for the day I could go shopping for a nice little dress. A few days later, we were at a worship service and I kept noticing a young lady there. I sensed the Holy Spirit saying, "Give her your 50 dollar bill." So after the service I gave her the money. She was so blessed and I believe God touched her with His love. She is a young mother who works hard and puts her family first.

A few weeks had past and we had just arrived home from my son's graduation ceremony.My sister in law and my father in law were with us. As I started to go up the stairs to change clothes, they stopped me and handed me a card. They said, "We felt like the teacher should receive a gift also. Inside of the card was one hundred dollars. I immediately remembered the fifty I had given away and God showed me that he rewards double fold. Now I am not trying to toot my horn as it was a bit difficult to give up the fifty dollars. I just want to testify that God is active in even the smaller details of our lives. We must stop, be still and notice the seemingly smaller signs and wonders. There are reminders all around that He is with us and that He is showing us His affection.

Another testimony is that last week our bank account had dwindled down really low. So after dinner, John told everyone that we were going to pray for God's provision. We started off thanking God for being faithful to our family. Then we took turns asking the Lord to move on behalf of our family. We went around and prayed for each other and affirmed one another in prayer through blessing and encouragement. As we were praying, the phone rang. It was good news that money was on the way. The next day, the money was in our account.

In addition, our son Bradley has been praying for a car. He is looking for a job and has been looking for a vehicle to drive back and forth to work. He received about 600dollars in gifts for graduation. His friend Maddy, has a car that she has been wanting to sell for 900 dollars. He knew he did not have enough to buy the car. So he prayed about it (I had been praying too :) ) His friend called Bradley and told him she decided to cut the price so he could buy it. She took 400 dollars off of her asking price of 900 dollars. Now he can buy the car !! Praise the Lord.

I just feel like God is walking around in our house. He is tending to us. He is taking care of us. These seemingly little things are evidence of His presence and of His hand moving. I love Him so and am so glad that He lives in us and with us. My heart is that others would come to notice more and more the activity of God in their everyday lives. Some of my best prayers lately have been in the bathroom. You cannot get anymore practical than that. God is real. He is present Ask for more. He will come. Ask Him to help you to notice more of what He is doing. God is at work and I cannot contain my excitement of walking with,living with and loving on Him.

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