Friday, May 16, 2008


This week I have been thinking about the places the Lord has us in this season. The words "falling back on" has continued to ring in my spirit. And the prayer that yes Lord you are drawing Your bride into a place of falling back onto You. You want nothing more and we have nothing more to fall back on but the sufficiency of You grace. As we fall back into His arms He takes hold of us and we move with Him. And he carries us. Oh God You are all we have, yet you are all we need. All we need YOU ARE. We desire You only our God and King.

My friend Peggy sent me this song this morning. It was a splash of Living Water to my heart. Listen to the words and let them soak your soul in the presence of our tenderhearted King. Click on the second heart of the You Tube Videos above. Be blessed.

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