Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Evening Thought

When you find your purpose and your passion, you will have to go through some pain. You know the phrase, "No Pain, No gain" This is so true in life. However, if you want to do God's work in serving Him and others, He will allow you to suffer. You will go through situations where you will question your own faith. You will go through circumstances where it feels like He has left you alone. You will experience gut wrenching heart ache because the people you thought you could trust and count on are judging you and ignoring you. Accusations will be poured upon you. They cannot see your heart.There will be at least one cross road in every believer's life where you will be tempted to turn away from God. I have been tempted lately..but for some reason I find myself more obsessed with my God. I love Him so....simple as that.

Sorry folks..I hate to sound cynical. But this is the honest truth. You know Jesus says that if you want to be His disciple you should count the cost, pick up your cross and follow Him. That is the only way.

But you know what? I would not trade the pain and the tests for anything. Do you know why? Because my pride is being broken...we all have it whether we want to admit it or not. And I can really and truly feel the pain of others. This is the crown of life and God is giving it to me. Not because I am so great and do everything right. But because I have hurt and felt alone and I can still love others with real depth. That can only be Him in me. The wounds of life are allowed by our Maker so that we may drink in His love. When the wounds are filled with that love, I am prepared to pour out to others. No this is not a working of my own, but a craft of the Maker of my heart.

One day I will have so much more to give others. But I will keep giving my love to the Lover of my soul. I will press on to give to others even in my lack. I will give in my pain. There is always someone hurting more than me and I will find them, whether in my house or across the street. Thank you Lord for setting me up for greater things. Thank you for moving me as You move. I feel so swaddled in your presence. I could not ask for more at this moment. The greatest blessings are mine. Thank you God for teaching me to feel deeply and for teaching me to let go of what I think I need in order that I may share with others. I am looking forward to the blessings ahead...I will have much and I will continue to love without reserve. And best of all...all the credit goes to YOU GOD!!! HALLELUJAH!

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