Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fathers, Love is in the Little Things

I cannot go this Father's Day without writing about my own Father and honoring him for his faithfulness to my mother and our entire family. It is on these occasions we should seize every opportunity to express our gratefulness to our Fathers for their love and presence in our lives. Maybe your father was not around and maybe you do not have the greatest memories of your father as you were growing up. However, you can still honor him as your parent by acknowledging that you have a father and that you honor him regardless of his shortcomings and failures. In this age of the fatherless it is difficult to do that because it is easy to choose to be bitter and unforgiving toward them as human beings. You become bitter and hard and choose to live as victims as though life has dealt you a hard blow and you can never get over it. Therefore, you build walls around your heart and whether you know it or not, you take it out on every loved one that comes into your life. Your spouse becomes the target or even your children, not because you had a difficult relationship with your father, but because you made the choice to not forgive. The focus of this blog is not to emphasize fatherlessness so much, but I just wanted to touch on it as this day we recognize is difficult for many people in this age as so many adults now and even children are growing up in families where the father has left or is just not attentive to his family. I believe the day is coming where God's spirit will be poured out in such a profound way that multitudes of the fatherless will know God as Father. It is in the very places of our lives in which we have lacked that God is waiting to rush in and fill.

Now I would like to talk about my Father and how he impacted my life as a little girl. Many times I think fathers want so much to provide well for their families and to give them so much, that they fail to see how much the seemingly little things bring love and positive influence to their children. In this post, I want to list some of those "seemingly" little things my Daddy did that meant so much to me.

Simply Thank You Daddy

I remember the times you would let me ride to the store with you and you would always buy me one of those little containers of ice cream with the wooden spoons! In that you said "I love you".

I remember that you came home from work everyday at the same time and if you were going to be late, you called Momma. In that you said, "I love You."

I remember you taught me many things like working in the yard, checking the oil in the car, pumping gas, driving the boat, how to swim and ski, how to balance a checkbook, how to drive a car , how to be friendly to others,and how to respect my mother. In that you said, "I love you."

I remember you always told me everyday that you loved me. I do not remember a day when you did not say it. In that, I knew you loved me.

I remember that when I was disrespectful, you would spank me. In that you were saying, "I love you."

I remember when you would always ask about my days and how school was going. You would express how proud you were of me. In that you said, 'I love you"

I remember you worked hard and provided for our family. We always had enough, but not too much that it was harmful to us. In that you said, "I love you"

I remember you always taught me about the importance of being responsible and diligent in all we put our hands to . In that you said, "I love you"

I remember that you always (and still do) loved Momma and put her first always. In that you were saying, 'I love you."

Thank you Daddy for all of the little things you did over the years that truly spoke the Father's love into my heart. It was in the seemingly little things you did that impacted my life. I know the heavenly Father's love because I was blessed with the unconditional love of my earthly father. I appreciate all of your hard work over the years and your faithfulness to Momma and our family. It truly provided a strong foundation for me to build my life upon. I simply say, Thank you Daddy!

Never underestimate the little things you do for others. It is not in money,fame, and earthly attainments, but it is in how well you love that truly impacts others for a life time. Happy Father's Day Daddy.

I love you.


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