Friday, October 10, 2008

We Met Some Neighbors

Just wanted to blog a quick update here in the Valley. I've noticed that the house we are living in has seemed so peaceful. All of the children have slept well here since the first night. Also I have even slept better here compared the home we lived in back East.

Yesterday evening Daniel,our 7 year old, accidentally threw his ball over the wall (the privacy fences here are concrete walls) into the neighbor's yard. So Daniel, Jamie, Joshua and I ventured over to the neighbor's house to ask if they could toss the ball back into our yard. Great timing! The mom and two of the children had just arrived home from the grocery store.

I introduced myself and the children to the family and found out they have 6 children ages 22 down to 10. They also home school. As we were chatting, the husband pulled up in the driveway. He is actually a lieutenant of the police department here. HA HA! No wonder I feel so safe here.

He went on to tell me they had been praying that a godly, home school family would move in next door. Well, they got their prayers answered. It was so neat. We were giving each other high fives in the driveway. They also have a son Kerry's age and a daughter Sara's age. Their youngest is only a year older than Jamie.

I will keep you posted on what is happening. Just wanted to share a quick update with you. LIVE! LAUGH! LOVE!

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Betsy Thraves said...

Ange, this is awesome! What a God Thing! I still think it's sad that a Christian family had not come over to greet you yet, but maybe they are shy. Bake those muffins and get back over there! BT